Friday, October 28, 2005

Recent Google Video Buzz

Over the last day, readers have been starting to "buzz" about Google Video. Some people have wrote to tell me they have noticed there is a new "Google Video Blog" link at the bottom of pages when a search is performed (see below). Others have been mentioning that you can now resize video, though I think that feature has been there for a couple of weeks.

Maybe Google is gearing up to integrate Google Video with Google Base? Only time will tell, but it definitely looks like they are putting more resources into this service.

Google has also mentioned you can "charge" people to download videos. As of right now, Google does not display videos that require payment. No doubt this feature will require some sort of payment processing power (ie. Google Purchases). With these three things:,, we can start to visualize the future of this service.

Imagine visiting in hopes to find last week's airing of a special broadcast you saw on your favourite TV network. When the network uploads their video (possibly to Google Base in the future), they specify that the broadcast will cost $25 dollars to download.

As the customer, you will be able to watch a small portion of the broadcast to know what you are getting for your money, similar to how Google Print works. Once you have decided that this is in fact what you were looking for, you can now use Google Purchases to make payment.

This type of system does not only apply for videos on Google Video, it could have uses in many other present or future Google services. For example, When you upload any type of information to the Google Base you may be able to specify a price for it (all payable through Google Purchases of course).

Google has been scrutinized in the past about how their services don't seem to integrate with each other. This might be the beginning of a new "Integrated Google Experience".


Win said...

Where does the link lead? It doesn't show up for me.

dpneal said...

i can't access the video blog page. it comes up requesting a login. can you access it?

Cristopher said...

Well, Google is coming up with all sorts of services and products. Looks as if it does not want any competitors to stand in front of him.

It is good that Google has been offering so much goodies. We all have trust in Google..

But what about a site that has openly raised sword against Google. Will have to say that this is definitely a bold move.

I am not totally in support of the site but it is a good step to say your concerns.Perhaps these webmasters have suffered because of "possible Google manipulations".. Worth visiting because I found some serious "behind the scenes" information about Google..I am a bit skeptical about Google now..