Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Outgoing GMail Problems

For all the Google employees who read this blog, this very serious GMail problem... GMail has stopped sending outgoing mail to its destination.

As an email administrator who has access to log files on our server, I can confirm that email from GMail never reaches us. There are lots of people experiencing this problem as it has been happening since yesterday afternoon.

Here is a thread that you should read: GMail Problem Solving Group.

Update (Oct.12, 3:02PM)
It looks like everything is back to normal... thanks G!


hagrin said...

The problem doesn't seem to be 100% effecting Gmail users sending email to external domains.

I, today, have had issues sending from my Gmail account to my * and * accounts.

However, I have been able to send to my fiancee's account (* with no problems -

-----Original Message-----
From: Hagrin []
Sent: Wednesday, October 12, 2005 10:09 AM
To: Julia
Subject: Re: scary

This message was verified as received.

So the problem seems to be effecting certain domains only - not a complete external domain sending problem.

hagrin said...


Email was received by my * account with about 32 minutes of latency.

Sent at 4:07 PM EST and received 4:39 PM.

hagrin said...

That link actually displays all the posts made by the Gmail Support Team.

Anonymous said...