Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Nexus Tablet coming around Google I/O 2012

Eric Schmidt let it slip that they are working on their own Nexus-ish tablet that will be in production around 6 months from now.  That timing is very interesting, as it's just before Google I/O 2012.

What could that mean?  This year's event may end up being tablet-heavy -- trying really hard to get developers on board with Tablet development.  Google needs developers to build apps for Android tablets if they expect to compete with Apple's iPad.

If this is all true, it wouldn't be hard to imagine that Google will be giving all 5000ish developers attending the conference a "Nexus tablet".  Thankfully,  registration this year will include a sort of "CAPTCHA" that is designed to weed out scalpers and non-developers who register just for free gear.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Google Music found in Marketplace Code

Google is preparing for the launch of Google Music -- not that that's breaking news. What hasn't been talked about yet is the references to it in the marketplace code. There is also references to "OCEAN_BOOKS" (probably just books) and "YOUTUBE_VIDEO" (movie/tv rentals?).

I also noticed the URL of the marketplace redirects to http://market.android.com/apps/ when you go to the main page -- and going to http://market.android.com/music/ or /books/ doesn't give you an error like /charliesheen/ does.

Stay tuned!

What if Google Music worked on iPhone?

I just realized today that it would be completely possible for the coming Google Music service to run on iPhone. This hypothetical app would hook up to your media locker in the cloud, allowing you to download or stream music you are storing there. Now the only question is whether or not Apple would allow it.

If by some miracle Apple let Google Music into their App Store, it could get very interesting indeed.