Monday, October 10, 2005 & Min Choi

Yesterday I posted an article about the previous owner of "". Min Choi from Seattle seemed to be the previous registrant, so I did a little research. Who is Min Choi? Why did he register

Well I might have found out some more information that will help us understand these questions. I found a blog created by someone named "Min Choi" in Seattle. I wasn't sure if this could be him, there HAS to be more than one Min Choi...

I was browsing through his blog, and his last post on October 6 seemed a bit suspicious to me.. it was kinda cryptic and I'm still not sure what he is talking about...

"I might be able to get out of my little predicament. Some inside people know some inside people that might be able to sweep it under the rug. Hehehe. That would be great, but chances are it wont happen."

Could he be talking about the domain (, which happened to be "registered" by Google on the same date this blog entry was posted?

So I then started reading his blog to find out more information... you will never guess where Min works.... Microsoft! Read this post.

Insert conspiracy theories here...


hagrin said...

Interesting information. Just wondering, how did you determine the history of the domain and who it had been previously registered to?

Gootch said...

You can use the WHOIS history from "Whois Source". It isn't free, you must sign up for a silver membership.

Tushar Joshi said...


Great Job!
This is becoming more and more interesting. We are also becoming equally addicted due to you :)

Keep it up.

Anonymous said...