Sunday, October 16, 2005

Gootch's GCalendar Wish List

While we are waiting for GCalendar to be released, I thought it would be fun to compile a wish list for this upcoming service. Even though it's unlikely many of these features will be available in the initial beta release, it will give us something to look forward to. If you can think of additional features that you would like to see, post a comment!

  1. Of course, it must use AJAX. An interface that is as slick, functional and clean as GMail is mandatory for this new service.

  2. Host it on a cluster of computers that can handle the traffic (unlike Google Reader). Please be sure it remains responsive even under heavy use.

  3. “Starring” events will definitely not be left out of the beta release. Hopefully the items you star (close to the current date) will be visible at all times so I don't forget my wife's birthday.

  4. There should be a link similar to “Inbox” or “Drafts” called “Events” that if you click, would show you today's scheduled items. Even just a link to the calendar service from GMail would be greatly appreciated. (put one for reader too while you are at it)

  5. The ability to set up auto-notifications by email.

  6. Repeating events such as birthdays should be included in the first release.

  7. It is obvious that Google spends a lot of time on integration and the implementation of open standards. I don't expect anything less from GCalendar. RSS and an API would be great to see.

  8. One of the more exciting items on my wish list is the ability to create private and public “local” events that are accessible to everyone in the area. You should be able to search for local events and add them to your calendar very easily.

    Public events can be added to any users calendar and private ones require an “event password”. Based on the number of people who have replied, the creator of the event can see how many people are attending.

    Even if this is a pay service, the ability for local businesses to hold “events” that GCalendar users can see would be very cool. In addition to radio advertising, local stores could include things like “Today Only, 50% off everything in the store – Best Buy”. When users add this to their calendar, it would act as a “lead” and therefore would cost Best Buy their bid price.

  9. Sharing appointments with other GCalendar users should be simple.

  10. Attach GMail conversations to an event. When you view your calendar, you would see related conversations regarding the selected event.

  11. Inviting GMail contacts to participate in a GCalendar “event” is needed.

  12. The month and year views should probably show shaded boxes based on the number of scheduled items (similar to how the search history feature currently works). When you click on a shaded box it would drill down to the selected day.

  13. The week view should show Monday – Friday on separate lines horizontally. If there are many appointments for each day, you would click an arrow which would scroll sideways to see more items. (almost like the guide on your digital TV box)

  14. The day view has to show appointments for each hour. Scheduled items are easily drag & dropped which would be automatically saved (thank you AJAX).

  15. I also hope GCalendar is run through QA before it is released. The last thing Google needs right now is a buggy service that has been long awaited. Take your time, make sure it's up to Google's standards before you release this beast on the world.

GCalendar, at first, will probably be your typical web-based calendar application without the bells and whistles. It will probably be a bit like GTalk on the features and Reader on the speed, so I'm not going to get my hopes up for anything ground-breaking yet. But just like the rest of their services it will evolve and slowly work it's way into every day conversation.


CaptainK said...

* id like to see something like ( wherby you allow people to create public/private events with tagging.

* i'd like to see Outlook calendar synchronisation or at least an API to allow others to build.

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Import from

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