Thursday, October 06, 2005

Google VS. Microsoft (Round 1)

Update: The reporter from is wrong about this information. Google never announced a free spreadsheet or word-processing software, please disregard!


Today Google officially announced, according to "The Courier Mail" that it will be offering spreadsheet and word processing software, free.

This probably won't be a first-round knockout, but I am sure Google can prevail if they throw their punches right.

What could be next? I think if they add more useful and "cool" features to Google Talk, they could put a serious dent in MSN & Hotmail. Where else does Microsoft make their money?

They make money in their Operating Systems... could OpenSolaris be GoogleOS in the coming years? I wouldn't bet against it!


Anonymous said...

this is what we was waiting for.
but they could say this the previous day.

joe said...

this seems like a highly dubious report.... Google certainly did not announce a free version of Office during the Sun announcement, and I have seen no more mention of it any where else. Not to mention, the article makes a very vague reference to it in the first sentence then doesn't mention it for the rest of the article, instead focusing on what actually was said in the announcement.

This sounds to me like an over-zealous reporter/editor who read a couple too many rumor blogs before the announcement, and forgot to listen to what Google actually said.

That being said - I hope they are right, and the sooner Google (and Sun, I guess) can get a free online version (tied to Gmail and the Google Account), the better.

Gootch said...

I agree, It would have been nice to see more information as to where this reporter got this information.

Hopefull we will hear more in the days to come.

Anonymous said...