Monday, October 17, 2005

Google Purchases Banned from eBay Already?

Before "Payments" has even been launched, it seems as though eBay has already created a "Safe Payments Policy" that bans google from being accepted as a method of payment.

It looks like eBay was in a bit of a rush when creating this policy too... usually misspellings aren't common on this type of thing:

"Sellers may also offer to accept ban- to-bank transfers, often known as bank wire transfers or bank cash transfers, and the online money order service Bidpay."

One clause that could cause some concern for Google, in the short term anyway, is the one which says any payment service used must have a "substantial historical track record". Does this mean that Google will be banned for years after "Google Payments" is officially released?

This might be just what google needs to hear to start their own online auction-type service.


pkmugg said...

Yeah but isn't ebay owned by AOL? And google was looking in to purchasing AOL.

Shawn said...

Uhm no... eBay isn't owned by AOL.