Saturday, October 01, 2005 Updates

Thanks to one of our readers who left a comment on a previous story, he discovered that when you visit (still owned by DataDocket) you now get a login screen for a WEBppliance control panel. What the heck?

If you do an NSLOOKUP on, you will notice it resolves to If you do an NSLOOKUP on that IP now, you will see that that IP resolves to I wonder what this is telling us?

Keep your eyes peeled, as we find out more information you will hear it here first! :)


sunnyvijay said...


Your investigation skills are better than FBI :-)

Great Job and I follow your blog everyday.


Bryon said...

Hi my name's bryon and I'm addicted to Google.

Nice observation there ;)

earobinson said...

lol now we get a dif page again

CaptainK said...

you are a useful ally in the Googleisation of the planet...!

where do you have the time to keep up with all this great detective work!

sherlock holmes would be proud!

earobinson said...

will this ever come out?

Gootch said...

I am thinking they will wait until after Zeitgeist 05 to release the calendar... so look for it closer to the end of the month.

Gibbo 13p said...

And can someone tell me what that means??? I got this email from

SUBJECT :- CRITICAL: Current disk space consumption has reached a critical

MESSAGE :- Your current disk space consumption has reached a critical limit. To
allow users to operate beyond this can cause MySQL database corruption.Please
clean up your disk space or buy additional disk quota.

SIGNATURE:- *** This message is automatically generated by the mail system.


Anonymous said...