Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Data Docket Inc. & Google

I'm calling for an investigation. All addicts on board! I would really like to know who DataDocket is and possibly even some domains that they have registered in the past. There is a definite link between Google and this company as I mentioned in my article about GDrive.

An online reporter has covered this story and he is just as curious as I am. If you have any information or if you can dig up some dirt on this company everyone reading this blog would LOVE to hear from you.

Feel free to post comments anonymously.


incorporator1 said...

Data Docket Inc. is a Delaware Corporation that is qualified (registered) to do business in Idaho. It was incorporated 4/17/2002 and registered to do business in Idaho on 11/17/2003. The domain registar for Data Docket Inc., is eMarkMonitor Inc.
which is also a Delaware Corporation that is also qualified to do business in Idaho.

Gootch said...

Very interesting!
That is some great investigative work... I also read your post on WPW about Goole Payment Corp in Delaware...

It looks like google payments are definately in the making!

Matt Van Bogart said...

More information on Data Docket:

Chris Bounds
Faisel Shah
Mark Shull

Anyone know who these guys are?

Anonymous said...

Easy. They're MarkMonitor's management. Data Docket is an extension of MarkMonitor, an agency that protects trademarks and brands. There is nothing more devious or perplexing about the Google/Data Docket/MarkMonitor relationship than a legal contract to protect Google's brands.