Tuesday, June 18, 2013

iOS 7 LOOKS LIKE ANDROID (says Apple fanboys)

It's sad to see iOS 7 drop the ball so badly. From a design perspective, it's different -- but not in a good way. The design lacks purpose. Everyone was calling for Apple to change things up because it was getting boring. It's just that they changed it the wrong way.

 What people want is a fresh look (not like what they delivered -- something a lot more subtle), and some fresh functionality to bring them into the decade. Widgets, notifications that don't suck, and for developers, more access to API's that are currently private. Being a current iPhone user myself (I know, a Google fan using an iPhone, wha??), I am thrown back by all the comments iPhone developers are making in regards to it resembling Android.  Well, I don't know which version of android they are referring to, because there is absolutely no resemblance, aesthetically or functionally.

This is an interesting opportunity to see how iPhone users who haven't tried an Android device view it.